5-6 September 2018
Wednesday - 10 AM


Programme @ Massmerize 2017


The State of Retail, FMCG, Ecommerce & Direct Selling Industry : Visualization 2030

Big Data: Reinventing strategies using consumer insights

Full Omni-channel offerings; Connected Shoppers – Creating Seamless Consumer Experience

National retail policy: Toward building a competitive market

Consumer loyalty: Driven by price or preference?

Privacy & Equity: Game Changer for the Industry

Hundred days of the GST: An Exploration?

Indian brands: Riding high on success

Sustainability: Consumer brands toward making a difference

Ruralism: Recasting and revamping the marketing approach

How Will Story Telling Rescue Advertising in Digital Age?

‘’Simplification & Harmonization of Indian Cosmetics Regulations to build India Growth Story”

Women – Changing face of Retail

Key Trends In Payments Innovation & Improving The Online Payments Experience

Digital Marketing as a Growth Engine ( New engagements, Media as a tool)

Agenda will follow soon.

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